Created For High-Achieving Christian Coaches, Consultants & Service Providers


 + Your 30 Day Biblical Declaration Calendar 

Uncover the 5 proven stages of your online business that will help you create predictable revenue months organically.

What this Ultimate 

10k Roadmap will show you:

How to attract dream clients consistently, so that you exceed your revenue goals every month.

  • The proven steps that created my $16k month without overwhelming live launches, masterclasses, webinars or workshops.  Using super simple steps that literally anyone can use.

  • The “No-Brainer” High-Ticket Offer Formula that will easily turn prospects from curious onlookers to “where do I pay?” ready buyers

  • Plus….I reveal the actual conversion rate formula you need to predict your monthly revenue.  It’s almost as simple as a,b,c…….anyone can do it.

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